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E-Cig Tank Holders

Posted on Dec 22, 2013 in Woodworking | 0 comments


This is a bit unusual for me, as I generally make strictly “Art”, rather than purpose-built things… but this is a cause I believe in. I have dozens of friends who have quit cigarettes by switching over to electronic cigarettes. They generally start with the same amount of nicotine as they were smoking and then transition down to zero nicotine (at which point it’s just glycerin and flavour) — far healthier than anything in a cigarette, and still lets you have a fidget.

These are holders for the tanks you use with an e-cig. It is generally common to have several tanks so you can have many flavours.. rather than get your desk goopy, you can use this and then just wipe them clean with any Windex-type cleaner.

They are made with laminated hardwoods and aluminum inserts – we made every part of it in-house. 🙂

They can be purchased in my Etsy shop, where I also take custom orders. These are made to fit the 510 adapter, which is the most common.