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Phone Holders

Posted on May 28, 2014 in Woodworking | 0 comments

This tiny phone holder is perfect to prop up your phone on your desk, your kitchen counter, your nightstand – anywhere else where you want your phone handy, but also want to keep it safe.

They are made from reclaimed lumber and are the perfect size to fit anywhere you need. They’re about 3/4 inch thick, three inches wide and two and a half inches deep.

They have a slot in them at an angle to perch the phone very naturally and comfortably – either vertically or horizontally.

They have been finished with a special butcher block wax so they have an incredibly smooth, natural feel to them that really brings out the natural wood grain that is so beautiful.

Since this is made from reclaimed wood, we decided to show it off and some of the marks of it being reclaimed are still visible. However, everything has been cleanly and smoothly sanded down and waxed.

While we used an iPhone in the pictures, we tested it out with lots of phones and unless you have a massive case, it will most likely fit! If you would like it to fit a specific phone, please send a message with the model of phone and case you have and we can accommodate most requests at no extra charge.


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